Welcome to the PrideCo Family

PrideCo Capital Management, LLC is an established family office is comprised of “hands-on” professionals with valuable experience in various disciplines with backgrounds in finance, strategy, accounting, operations and turnarounds. PrideCo has offices in Oakland, CA, Irvine, CA, and Naples, FL. Our areas of focus include:

<font color="#3D3B3C">Private Lending</font>

Through PrideCo Loans, we offer private money lending, or sometimes referred to as hard money.  We offer loans to borrowers that do not qualify for bank financing, focussing on the value of the asset backing the loan.

<font color="#3D3B3C">Business Services</font>

PrideCo FBS is a shared back office service offered to other family offices and wealthy families to help reduce the burdens of managing a small family office.  Unlike a multi-family office, the company does not provide investment management as it is focussed solely on the back office.

<font color="#3D3B3C">How & Associates</font>

How & Associates is a boutique Certified Public Accounting firm specialized in tax and estate planning for high net worth individuals, affluent families and their related business enterprises.